2002 Voyage 580 catamaran

This Voyage 580 is one of those rare catamarans that began her sailing career as a luxury crewed charter yacht and has remained so ever since. She has had a private, dedicated captain and crew maintain her to the highest standards since day one. This may explain why she has operated so successfully in the British Virgin Islands charter trade for the past decade. Each year she is hauled, serviced, and gone over with a fine tooth comb. Unlike so many Voyage 58’s she is not a bare boat, nor has she been operated by the occasional “crew de jour.”

The Voyage 580 is ideal for the luxury crewed charter trade and can be purchased to remain in crewed charter where she has a very popular following. She is ideal for the high-net worth owner who can benefit from running her as an active business, depreciating her, and using her whenever they desire. One very unique aspect of this boat is that she has six double cabins, allowing her to take charter parties of up to ten people. This unusual capacity allows her to assume charters that few other yachts of her size can secure and has made her a consistent earner, popular both with guests as well as charter booking agents. The Voyage 580 was voted “Boat of Choice 2010” by the Charter Yacht Brokers Association.

She would also be ideal for a liveaboard family that needs the space, speed, and sailing comfort a yacht of this size delivers.  The Voyage 580 was voted “Best Cruising Multihull 2012” by Cruising World magazine.


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