Luxury Power Yachts

Motor yachtsare the first choice for many who wish to spend time traveling and enjoying time out on the water. Depending on your interests, there are fuel efficient trawlers and numerous full displacement hulls that travel at a more stately hull speed, or sleek, modern semi displacement hulls that can easily get up on a plane and get you to your destination at top speed, as well as flat out super fast mega yachts.

Regency BVI has helped buyers become owners of a number of power yachts. Motor yachts between 50 and 100’ are well suited to the protected waters of the US & British Virgin Islands. Larger power yachts over 30m travel seasonally throughout the Caribbean, traveling to the Bahamas, heading north to New England for the summer months or even further south to the Windward Islands or South America for a change of pace.

Large motor yachts are built out of a number of different materials and will be trawler, displacement or semi-displacement, or catamaran. Every design is a compromise and reflects a specific set of priorities – part of the fun of purchasing your own yacht is that you can choose what is important to you. Displacement yachts offer spacious areas in public & private cabins and with the new zero speed  (also called ‘at anchor’) stabilizers for stability when in port, semi –displacement yachts are able to get up on a plane and reach much faster cruising speeds, trawlers are steady and fuel efficient, while catamarans offer stability and speed in combination.

Having the engine room to run equipment is part of a well designed motor yacht – allowing space for generators to power systems, back ups to allow for regular routine maintenance, water makers so that you may stay off the dock as you wish, plus A/C and hydraulic systems to run the boat crane & power windlass are all important aspects of the yacht you choose.

Regency BVI is well placed to help you evaluate the differences among motor yachts to make sure you have the equipment to live as you wish. A motor yacht in the 60’ range will have space for two comfortable guest cabins plus a crew cabin; by the time you have 75’ in length there is room for three.  Catamaran motor yachts are normally laid out with three to four guest cabins plus crew quarters for two to four. MegaYachts are over 30m (100’) and offer luxurious accommodations in 4 to 6 (or more) cabins plus a more substantial space for the crew that provides total service.

Costs to operate a motor yacht vary with size, number of crew and usage. With plenty of time between having guests on board, crew will tackle all but the most complicated takes that require specialized equipment. With a demanding schedule, it might be necessary to outsource some of the maintenance.

Regency BVI Boat brokers know the yachts that offer the best value as well as those one of a kind deals that might be perfect for your situation. Either way, buying a motor yacht is the dream that a relatively few will experience. Power Boats epitomize luxury and a way to separate from the rest of the world in total privacy.

As a reward for success, a megayacht is one of the best ways to enjoy the fruit of your labor and be able to travel comfortable with family and friends, going at the pace that suits you with a crew that makes sure that you have time to de-stress and relax.

Call us  to discuss which style of power boat will work for you, or let us know if you wish to use our marketing efforts to sell your motor yacht.