Youtube Yacht Video

In this modern age the use of all sorts of social media outlets is important and each plays its own role in reaching different markets of perspective clients.  One of these social media outlets is YouTube with is a video-sharing website, created by three former PayPal employees back in 2005, on which users can upload, share and view videos.  This site allows you to reach an enormous range of people with little to no cost.  One of the important aspects, aside from making it fun and interesting so people with watch your YouTube yacht video from start to finish is to take time and make sure you have put your YouTube video in the proper category, that it has an interesting and accurate description of what’s in the video and most importantly to add appropriate tags so your video comes up when someone does a search of say “yacht charter” or “yacht vacation”.  The more time you spend on the tags, the more times your video will pop up on searches which leads to more viewings and more likes which all hopefully add up to more charters in the end.

Options abound for subjects for your YouTube yacht video.  From videos of the yachts interior and amenities framed to entice you aboard to shots of the many water spot toys you offer to action packed video of sailing or motoring along at speed or local fun beach bars – the choices are many and varied.  Some elect to hire a professional video photographer to create their video and then have it uploaded as the YouTube yacht video.  Yachts can constantly add videos as well, the more the merrier.

The following YouTube yacht video from the Catamaran ALDEBARAN is a beautiful example of a perfect marketing piece showing the romance of the islands, action packed water sports, beautiful island scenery as well as diving shots and fun sailing shots.  This video was clearly professional produced:

Another fine example of a well shot video is this one of the power yacht ANALISA, the video gives you a good feel the crew, the comfort afforded aboard this lovely yacht and the culinary expertise and presentation skills of the chef.   Click here to view Analisa’s beautiful YouTube yacht video: