Yacht Charter Lifestyle

The yacht charter lifestyle comes in many sizes and shapes — and many people fit into a number of different options!

Honeymoon yacht charters are the perfect combination of romantic and active, with plenty of interesting things to do – much better than sunning every day at the same beach. Additionally, you will have a crew that is ready to pack you that champagne picnic lunch for two and drop you on a deserted island. Water sports are relaxing and leave you feeling pleasantly tired and ready for a late afternoon ‘nap’. Whether you choose a large luxury yacht with every possible indulgence or small sailing yacht charters so you can take the helm, there are many options. Plus, there are range of destinations – revisit your favorite area or explore someplace new; your call.

Ask about luxury yachts that offer special honeymoon rates!

Scuba diving is an option from a good number of yacht charter vacations. We recommend becoming certified before your trip, but whether you choose a luxury yacht where you can try a resort course for the first time or one that is set to take you diving twice a day, this sport fits perfectly in with a yacht charter. Many people enjoy trying an area they have read about but never experienced, such as exploring the underwater world. Scuba diving from a luxury yacht means you will have a crew that are either dive masters or instructors as well as equipment.

Family yacht charters are very popular – especially multigeneration ones! A yacht charter vacation allows you to have quality time with family in an environment where every day you have a plentiful choice of activities. You won’t hear that dreaded “I’m bored” from the kids, while Mom gets a chance to put her feet up and not worry about what’s for dinner, or if tonight is soccer practice or math club.

Luxury yacht charters allow you time to eat a meal together without rushing, to have a conversation without stress. Additionally, most luxury yachts, especially sailing and catamarans, will get the whole family involved, learning and doing as much as you wish.

Reconnect with family that is now spread out around the country by chartering – it’s a vacation everyone will make time for!

Corporate yacht charters are another way to entertain, meet in private or otherwise reward employees. A corporate yacht charter can be done on a large power yacht in near your home office, or at an exotic location like the Monaco Grand Prix. Yachts charter for groups from six to twelve, but there are a number of luxury Super yachts that can cater to larger groups. People remember this vacation and revel in the cachet of being able to talk about their yachting vacation long after their return to the office routine.