Sailing Yachts


Sailing Yacht

A yacht vacation under sail can evoke a simpler time, allowing yourself to see and feel the world around you. There is a real fascination for feeling that you are steering your course while on board and yet being able to sit out under a star filled sky and feel like you are tiny part of the cosmos.

Whether you charter bareboat or with a sailboat charter with a crew, part of a sailing vacation is participating and getting a hands on feel for steering your yacht, trimming sails and deciding where to head each brand new day. Choose from exotic destinations in the Caribbean including the ever popular BVI – British Virgin Islands and the Mediterranean including Greece and Turkey.  

Modern sailing yachts, both monohull and catamarans, allow you to have full amenities of queen or king cabins, private baths, A/C, generator as well as wide open spaces, opening hatches and deck space for lazing around. You get the best of the past – updated.

Sailing yachts are available from 45 feet to 180 feet depending on your preference. Many clients enjoy a sailing yacht under 80 feet so that they have the relaxed sailing feel, close to the water with the hull down. You may participate as much as you like in sailing yachts, trimming sails, taking the helm, hauling up the anchor. If you want to deepen your knowledge of sailing and cruising, this is the sweet spot in terms of size and number of crew.

Megayachts are also available, in the over 80 foot range there are sleek Ed Dubois or Herman Frers designs built by shipyards like Alloy, Fitzroy or Huisman, but also sailing yachts with more volume like those built by Perini Navi and Jongert shipyards.

Modern sailing yachts combine beautiful woodwork with strong hulls in metals like aluminum or steel or fibreglass and strong masts that sprout roller furling sailing and often captive winches to manage the largest square footage of sail area without the necessity of dozens of crew.

Sailing yachts can be simple, allowing you to live in just a t shirt and bathing suit or more elegant with space for formal dining. Sloops, cutters, ketch or schooner, a sailing yacht takes you far away from the pressures of day to day living and allows you the freedom to set your own course.