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A relatively new term, mega yachts are both sail and power yachts that are over 85 feet. Power and sailing yachts offer all that you could imagine in luxury surroundings. These custom designed and built yachts cost multi millions to build and maintain to the highest standards. Their crew are professionally trained and come from around the globe. Mega yachts will often carry as many crew as guests; the focus is on service where your wishes are anticipated.

Megayachts, super yachts and gigayachts (over 250′) are all terms that have developed with the rise in the number of large luxury yachts. The very wealthy have always owned yachts of stupendous size and opulence, now many opt to charter their yacht to clients as their personal use can be less than a month each year.

The advantage is clear to charter clients. Although charter rates are high, they are usually set to reduce operating costs, not the true cost of owning such special creations. Charter clients may choose locations that appeal to them, and try quite a wide a variety of style and designs at a fraction of the cost to own.

Mega yachts are custom designed yachts by some of the most famous builders around the world. Each owner has given careful thought into the luxury materials and workmanship as well as the way that the yacht will be used.

Sailing yachts are built to cruise to far off places and handle being away from the dock for weeks at a time. Power yachts can be built  using green technologies to reduce consumption and waste, all in an elegant package.

Megayachts – sail, power or catamaran– are created to be special and unique. They reflect the personal goals for an owner at that moment in life. Large luxury yachts offer privacy and great personal space. Full width master suites, large and separate office with full technology, hedonist baths with steam rooms, jacuzzis (his and hers) as well as ample storage for the fashion conscious and a stew to put them all away — that is what one can experience on a megayacht charter.

That does not mean all yachts are ‘over the top’, there are also superyachts built with ‘the less is more’ philosophy to encourage appreciation of the peace, calm and  natural beauty of the sea and sky.

The raison d’etre of megayachts is to bring  fun and pleasure into your life, the perfect antidote to a stressful world.