Yacht Charter Types

The great thing about yachts is that they come in all shapes and sizes. For thousands of years the civilized world has enjoyed traveling and relaxing on a variety of vessels. Innovations in technology have moved yacht design into the space age, where safety, speed, and comfort join to make for the most amazing yachts ever created. That means you have access to many yacht charter types and we know them all.

Yachts come in many different configurations, from tridecks on full displacement motor yachts, to graceful carbon fibre catamarans  sailing  on top of the waves.  Your charter options even include stately Perini Navi motorsailors, or traditional schooners, either classics that have been rebuilt or completely new designs like Hoek/Vitters built Marie.

With plenty of options, you may want a  sporty catamaran, with scuba diving and all the water sports equipment you can imagine. What a great way for your children or grandchildren to experience travel. Have time to relax with family and have fun by being active.

Power and sailing yachts from 45 to 80 feet are popular options for honeymoon and anniversary yacht charters, as these designs often have full width cabins with queen- or king-size beds and full ensuite baths. The bonus is privacy but still with plenty of things to see and do during your days onboard, all included with the miracle of a star-strewn sky for relaxing underneath, on deck after dinner.

You may prefer to charter a monohull sailing yacht, where you take the helm and steer over the wave,s keeping an eye on the trim of your sails.  Roomy cockpits are the perfect spot for dining on deck which is better than any picnic ashore.

Traditional gulets are wooden sailing yachts built in the eastern Med  and they make an obvious choice to experience the local flair of Greece, Turkey, and Croatia.

Catamarans are a more modern concept and new construction has created some of the most interesting uses of space combined with a very elegant design aesthetic.  Yacht charter catamarans are growing larger with more options, from an owner layout Catana with one hull as a master suite, to the six guest cabin Sunreef cats most recently launched. New to most is using the catamaran design to build stable power yachts.

Power yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans or gulets — all available for your next charter experience.