Things to Think About for Charters

Considering your Yacht Charter

Planning a crewed yacht charter requires you to establish your personal priorities. While virtually any type of luxury yacht vacation is available worldwide, some regions offer experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. The same is true of luxury yachts themselves. Super yachts tend to be in some locations ,while luxury catamarans often cruise in others.

If location is your most important consideration, then it will determine the crewed charter yachts that are available. In the British Virgin Islands, for instance, the majority of charter yachts are luxury catamarans with a handful of mega yachts available. The Northern Caribbean and Western Mediterranean are home to the most super yachts in the world, while the Southern Caribbean and Eastern Mediterranean offer a mix of everything, including high-performance sailing yachts and traditional yachts such as Turkish gulets.

Another way to prioritize might be by time of year. If you can only travel during the months of July and August, then the regions that will offer the most luxury yacht charter options include the Mediterranean, New England, Alaska, and the Bahamas. If you plan to charter during New Year’s Eve, then you can expect to find the most mega yacht options in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, and South Pacific.

Yet another way to determine your priorities is to base them on the experiences that you want to enjoy. If you are interested in seeing and being seen at casinos and restaurants onshore, then the South of France will be a much more appealing cruising ground than the remote archipelagos in the Bahamas. If you want to be able to ride Jet Skis and Wave Runners, then you must book your luxury yacht charter in a part of the world where their use is legal. Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts may want to explore exotic locations such as Fiji and Australia, where reefs are large and vibrant.

There is no right or wrong way to determine your priorities, but deciding what is most critical to you will help our team at Regency Yacht Charters organize the ideal yacht in the perfect destination. Simply thinking about location, travel dates, and experiences is an excellent way to help us help you, and to ensure that your crewed yacht charter becomes your personal vacation of a lifetime.