How to Communicate Your Needs to Your Crew

Mega Yacht Charter: How to Communicate with the Crew Onboard

The leader of every yacht crew (from mega yacht to dinghy) is the captain. He is responsible, first and foremost, for the safety of the mega yacht and everyone onboard. His next most-important concern is ensuring that your luxury yacht vacation is an outstanding experience.

Because the captain is always thinking about safety, there are times when it is important to leave him to his job. A good example is when he is at the helm and docking the yacht in a marina. The captain’s attention must be on the boats and activity all around him, not on your requests for a cold drink or a snack.

The chief stewardess is the crew member with whom you are likely to interact the most. Her job is to ensure that you have everything you need or want, be it an extra pillow at night or a second serving of wine. Aboard a mega yacht, you will also interact with additional interior staff known as the second and third stewardesses. When the chief stewardess is unavailable, these stewardesses are at your disposal.

For use of the yacht’s tender and water-sports toys, the first mate, bosun, and deckhands are at the ready. While the stewardesses are usually inside the yacht, these members of the deck crew are outside. You can often find them near the yacht’s swim platform, preparing everything from snorkeling gear to kayaks so that they are ready immediately upon your request.

There is a natural rhythm aboard every charter yacht that will allow you to interact with the crew regularly. You will know, within the first day, where to ask for most things that you want. As the charter progresses, the crew will get to know you better and will be able to anticipate your needs, such as what time in the morning you’d like your coffee to be ready and what time in the afternoon you generally like to go ashore for a walk.

At the end of your charter, if you want to leave a cash gratuity, the appropriate way to do it is by handing it directly to the captain. While you may wish to single out a stewardess or deckhand who showed you particular kindness, it is the captain’s job to ensure that all crew are rewarded fairly—including crew members such as engineers whom you rarely see, but who are also key to your luxury yacht charter experience.