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Chartering the French Pacific Islands provides the best in European sophistication with laid back South Pacific beauty and tempo. This collection of island groups is about halfway between Australia and South America – small dots on a hug expanse of blue on a map. The well known Tahiti and surrounding islands, along with the Marquesas, Tuamotus, Gambier & Austral Islands, are all part of the French Polynesia & Society Islands. New Caledonia is a group of islands northwest of New Zealand, also a French Pacific colony.

Each has a slightly different legal status with France and different levels of autonomy, but do have representation in the Parliament of France and the right to vote in elections to the European Parliament.

Regency BVI brokers have sailed the deep blue Pacific waters of Polynesia and our clients love the open sea passages between islands like Bora Bora and Moorea. This group of islands are known as the Society Islands and welcome visitors with traditional open spirit. On charter you will find beautiful reefs, great scuba diving, small villages as well as quiet anchorages behind the reefs which cut off the open ocean swell.

The Tuomotus have drawn yachtsmen over the centuries, as these isolated low-lying reef atolls are as teeming with sea life as it was centuries ago. Unfortunately, there is no yacht base in more remote area of the Tuomotos and it is very rare to be able to arrange a charter, as a yacht must provision in Tahiti, and passage to these islands fully equipped, due to there being no towns, only a few very small villages. For those desiring calm & isolation, this is the perfect spot!

Charter yachts are subject to the same regulations as in France in these islands, and there are a number of large sailing yachts that base out of Tahiti. Most people speak French, Tahitian or other Polynesian languages, although English has become more common as well. The Polynesian culture is warm and friendly. Tradition honors guests and tribal tradition insists on smiles and open sharing of whatever they have.

Flowers abound and men traditionally wear one flower behind their ear (different sides indicate marital status) and the women bedeck themselves daily in intricate woven headgear and necklaces made entirely of sweet smelling flowers. Song is also a big part of the local culture that depends on its oral traditions to pass down knowledge.

Fish and fishing are a big part of daily life, but the surrounding reefs are amazing treasure troves for shell seekers. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular for charter guests, although the waters of the Pacific are cooler than found in the Caribbean. Because these islands were formed as volcanoes sank into the sea, generally they are ringed by reefs so you enter in daylight through a cut and then anchor inside in clear perfectly calm water with a view of the deep blue ocean swells just yards away.

Chartering sailing or power yachts allows you to visit a number of islands where locals are happy to see a new face and offer to show you the beauty of their islands. French Polynesia & Society Islands is a great location to enjoy French wines, with fresh fish and tropical fruits and not run into a soul you know. Privacy and seclusion once you leave bustling Papeete are the reward for your long air flight to these islands. Tahiti is a developed island with shopping and art galleries – visit Paul Gauguin’s home to see what drew him to the Pacific islands.

Regency BVI brokers know which yachts are transiting the Pacific headed to Australia or Zealand and might be available for a limited set of dates, but are also familiar with a number of French yachts that are based year round in these islands.

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