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Both a country and a continent, Australia covers a huge area, with the majority of the population residing along the south-eastern coast. But travel to the north-east coast of the country and you move to tropical weather year round (remember that December – February is summer season here). This is the location of the 2,000 kilometre Great Barrier Reef. Covering a larger area than Great Britain and half the size of Texas you could sail this area for years exploring places you haven’t seen before.

Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast – the names alone inspire a journey to Australia’s eastern shores. From Cairns in the north, you can access the Great Barrier Reef (largest in the world), numerous sand-cayes, and islands. Spectacular diving and snorkeling reveal the magical underwater world of corals, fish and other colorful sea-life throughout the Whitsunday Islands. Tropical rainforests provide an alternative to the beaches, and offer a glimpse of some of Australia’s unique wildlife. To get a taste of the metropolitan atmosphere, tarry in Brisbane or Sydney, where energy and culture glow from the impressive skylines. Find the perfect blend of first-world amenities within the tropical splendor of the South Pacific aboard a yacht in Australia.

Regency BVI is happy to recommend yachts that base in this extraordinary area. Local knowledge is key here – finding your way around minimally charted reefs requires that the sun be high in the sky and a sure eye. Yachts that base themselves on the Barrier Reef often offer scuba diving – the Barrier Reef is famous for the range of undersea life with coral, swarms of fish, anemones, sharks and sea stars. With more than 1000 shipwrecks there are plenty to dive and explore. There are a number of small hotels perched on cays found along the line of reefs, guests often enjoy stopping for drinks or dinner ashore – plenty of fresh fish on the menu here.

N&J BVI offers clients sailing and motor yachts in this area. Australian crew are active, casual and relaxed – with a cheery “g’day!” they’ll get you out snorkeling or helping with lines before you know it. Very few yachts operate with formality in this area as Australians are known for their open and friendly manners.

Travelling to this great spot is a lengthy trip now matter where you live, Regency BVI brokers recommend that you make your trip at least 10 days to allow time to recover from jet lag. Or combine your yacht charter with other travel through the amazing countryside or to see the amazing aboriginal art that has garnered worldwide acclaim.

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