Baja California and Mexico Power Yacht Charters

On a vacation, there’s always something we wish we had more time to do or see, whether it’s a lunch at that rustic cafe tucked down a back street, or the bay you wanted to explore that you had to motor past as you headed to your next destination. With the overwhelming choice of stunning and exciting locations to add to your itinerary, why compromise your idea of the perfect holiday? Chartering a power yacht, which can range from mid size to mega yachts, can provide you with the speed necessary to bring you to as much of Baja California as possible, with time for a few unplanned stops along the way.  With Baja California power yacht charters, rest assured that you won’t have to miss a bit; the only thing you’ll have to worry about is if you want to stay on one side of the Baja peninsula.

A must-see is the port of Ensenada, where bustling activity abounds. Event of the year, famous Baja 1000, an off-road car racing event draws race car enthusiasts from all over North America. For the tamer-hearted, there is a variety of restaurants dedicated to the wide variety of seafood that is harvested from the sea as well as an entire street filled with stores offering interesting locally made souvenirs and trinkets where you can purchase something to remember your trip always.

A little higher up the coast is Tijuana, the second most visited city after New York. For the city-lover, the Mexican metropolis is a cultural melting pot that offers music, shopping, beaches and restaurants. Immerse yourself in the city motions, or simply play spectator as you relax on deck, cocktail in hand, coolly regarding the city-life play out its routine.

Assuredly, in the way of scenery, wildlife and water-related activities, there is much to do and see. Many islands dot the coastline of the Pacific coast, offering a variety of panoramic and picturesque views, heaving with a plethora of pelicans, sea lions, whales and flamingos. Anchor in a peaceful bay, and choose to play on your yacht’s water-toys or simply observe the serene scene.

Whether you plan on city hopping, or swapping the people for beaches and watersports, it doesn’t matter. In Baja Cali, your chartered power yacht will take you there.

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