Baja California and Mexico Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary

La Paz is near the Southern end of the Baja peninsula on the Cortez coast and a city of over 160,000 people.  It is a great place to spend a day or so before or after your cruise vacation. It has wonderful restaurants great hotels and excellent stores for provisioning. This is a great place to start your charter.

Day 1:  Sail to the island of Los Islotes, it is a group of small islands in the Sea of Cortez and a very popular day motor boat trip from La Paz. The snorkeling is terrific, These islands are inhabited by a large colony of California sea lions, many of whom will swim and play with snorkelers or divers. The islands are also used for nesting by thousands of sea birds.  This is a quiet place to spend the night at anchor under the stars.

Day 2:  would be to the island of Espiritu Santo and the best anchorage which is Caleta Partita, 23 miles from La Paz. The islands are breathtaking; a breached crater separates Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida. This anchorage, except where it opens to the west is almost completely surrounded by high cliffs and a small shallow straight that separates the two islands. This is considered to be the most protected and best anchorage on the islands. It certainly is the most popular given the number of boats here. This is also where the Sea of Cortez Race Week is held every April. Spend a day climbing to the top of an old cinder cone on Espiritu Santo or if you are a little tired after you sail you could do a little snorkeling while waiting for dinner and the sunset.

Day 3:  head for San Francisco Island, this is a great place to go ashore, it has a beautiful white sandy beach and you can walk over to the other side of the island and see the crabs scurrying about. There is also a trail along the ridge on the south part of the island. Along the cliffs at the northern part of the anchorage there is a great place to kayak and snorkel.

Day 4: Cruise to Agua Verde it is a very popular cruising destination.  It is a beautiful island with numerous protected anchorages.  Here you could spend an extra day snorkeling the best being around Roca Solitaria a small island at the mouth of Bahia Agua Verde.

Day 5:  Drop your anchor off the southern side of Montserrat island.  This is a great spot to explore the shallow reef snorkelers had the opportunity to explore a shallow reef full of life, inhabited by creatures such as spiny lobsters, king angel fishes, twin-spotted octopi and balloon fishes. Hikers too had a good time and photographers photographed the colorful sunset as if there was no tomorrow. Another beautiful day in Baja California!

Day 6:  Puerto Escondido (Hidden Harbor) for a last night of authentic Mexican Food. This is a popular cruiser hang out because of its protected anchorage and hurricane hole.  Here you can stock up on some fresh water and provisions. The bay is inhabited by creatures such as spiny lobsters, king angel fish, twin-spotted octopi and balloon fish. Hikers and photographers can also have a great time in this beautiful bay or just sit back and enjoy the colorful sunset.

Day 7:  Pick up a few souvenirs, take a quick dip then head back in time for your flight from Loreto Airport.