North American West Coast Luxury Yacht Charters

California, Mexico, Canada or Alaska – there are any number of choices of location on the west coast for a yacht charter vacation. Because of the extreme seasonal weather variation, the time of year for your trip will play a large part in making the decision of ‘where’.

The winter months are best for Mexico – taking advantage of the warmer weather travel to Baja. Here you will find spectacular beauty and clusters of small islands in the calm interior waters, or you can cruise outside to the open ocean seas for sport fishing and whale watching. Remember though that the waters all along the western coast are cool whatever the time of year!

There are a number of harbors along the coast, with good marina facilities built by the government in the 80s. Plus the locals are eager to share their local cuisine with fresh vegetable that are grown in the irrigated fields – rainfall is sparse so it won’t be a problem during your holiday.

Travel up to San Diego and you will find a number of power yachts, many offering fishing, that base in this city. From Marina del Rey in Los Angeles you can day sail or travel to Catalina islands or up to Santa Barbara for relaxing coastal cruising.

Frequent high winds, fog and current in San Francisco Bay mean that although some yachts will pass through this area while transiting north or south, term charter yachts do not base in the area.

But travel up to the San Juan Islands in early summer to late fall and you will find spectacular scenery with plenty of bays and inlets to visit, and great fishing, but the water is too cold for many except for the occasional quick dip. There are a number of great itineraries – with so many islands to visit you can return often and never see the same spots.

Alaska is best seen early in the season – June until mid July, then again later in August & September. Heavy fog develops in late July & August as warmer breezes hit the cold water & makes navigation difficult and sightseeing damp. Rarely visited by sea, you will have the opportunity to visit locations that cannot be reached by road and visit villages where the traditional Indian traditions are honored.

Wherever you choose to travel on the west coast, Regency BVI is happy to help you find the best choice for your group, from 2 to 20, whatever time of year you plan to travel.