North American East Coast Luxury Yacht Charters

Chartering the east coast of the USA is the perfect antidote to summer doldrums and easily available to many.  Charter yachts often reposition from the Caribbean to northern areas during the summer months, this means you will have a number of styles and sizes of yachts to consider for your vacation.
Atlantic Ocean luxury yacht charters can be in the warm waters of the Florida Keys to the rugged coastline of Maine.   Although Newport, RI has been considered a yachting hub for many years and is a popular starting point, there are numerous other areas to consider.  Don’t miss the beaches of Cape Cod and the famous home-made ice cream in Province town.  Boston holds a wealth of history from tea-parties in the harbour to its wonderful architecture, and offers the intrepid city lover a bounty of fine dining and shopping.  Regency Yacht Charters is familiar with the east coast cruising area and we have seen and know the yachts & crews that are available.

The Chesapeake Bay offers an enormous cruising ground for yachtsmen.  There is over 2,500 square miles of water to explore, there’s always somewhere to go, an event to attend, and something to see on the Chesapeake.  The Chesapeake Bay is in easy reach of Washington DC and a great area to explore. Take a taste of every aspect of the local area when you combine a visit to historic monuments with time out on the water sampling crab at local Bay seafood joints.
Sailing into New York harbour is certainly something every east coast Yachtie should do.  Sailing past Lady Liberty and the beautiful Manhattan skyline, and up the Hudson River is exhilarating.  The evenings were always my favorite time to sit back in the cockpit and watch the city light up.  Somehow the fast pace and bustle of the city is minimized while you are sitting on your yacht swaying back and forth.  Even the George Washington Bridge looked beautiful lit up in the night sky.  Close by are theatres, restaurants and of course Central Park, a great place to spend an afternoon stretching your legs.  Depending on your schedule and length of time aboard, you may be able to reach Block Island, located approximately 14 miles east of Montauk Point, Long Island.