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It’s history is unparalleled, its shores are abundant, and you can experience the best of its qualities aboard a chartered yacht. You’ll appreciate the freedom to sail from Athens to the Cyclades, making the transition from crowded streets and noisy cafes to the breezy, sun-baked calm of Mykonos’s white-washed cityscape. Culture and tradition are strong everywhere in Greece, they are part of the architecture, the cuisine, and the music – a stop in Santorini, Corfu, or Rhodes will prove very entertaining. Experience the austere beauty of the Corinth canal that divides central Greece from its southern isthmus on your way from the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea. Hot sandy beaches, crystal clear water, arid landscapes, and semi-forested cliffs set the stage for incredible cruising, just pick a spot and the “pool” is open!

Between Italy, to the west, and Turkey, to the east, are hundreds of islands, large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. You could return to these waters year after year and never see the same thing twice; you could come back again and again, for an entire lifetime, and never explore it all. And even if you visit just once, you will take away with you memories of sights and sounds and exquisite scents that can only be found on a Greek island yacht charter and will stay with you forever.

Greek ship owners have always set the stage for luxury yachts — think of the famous Onassis yacht Christina O which was used to entertain the jet set crowd in the Cyclades. Many of the most interesting luxury yachts in the world will come to Greece to enjoy the weather, sea and culture.

Your options of luxury charter yachts run from some of the newest catamarans, mega sailing yachts like the lovely Perini Navi or Royal Huisemans, as well as traditional gulets (with Modern interiors). On the power yacht side, speedy yachts (like Mangustas, Aicon, and Azimits), as well as larger displacement yachts, custom designed and built, are available. With so many choices it can be tough to narrow the field, but keep in mind you will want to return often to see more of this magical place.

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