Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charters

The vast and unique coast lines of the Mediterranean touch more than 20 countries and there is no better way to experience these diverse areas than from your private charter yacht. The Adriatic, Ionian and Aegean Seas offer a spectacular variety of topography and terrain, and beautiful aquamarine waters. Each country offers its own unique history, culture, architecture and cuisine. The history of chartering in the Mediterranean goes back over 100 years, when the wealthy industrialists and royalty would escape to their yachts to seek refuge and relaxation – now, the fabulous Mediterranean awaits you!

The Med charter season is longer than you may think. Charters begin for some events like MIPIM (real estate) held annually in late March, perfect for business entertaining, as are the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix held in May. Take advantage of the mild weather found from the South of France to Greece and enjoy low season rates while visiting some of the most charming and historic areas of Europe.

July and August are high season – with picture perfect warm weather for water sports and trips to less accessible parts of the Mediterranean coast line, islands like Capri and the Aeolian Islands, as well as Porto Chervo located at the northern end of Sardinia. Or try a great combination of little known ports and islands that can be found in Croatia or start your trip in Venice and cruise to Dubrovnik.

Choices abound in culture and heritage in the Mediterranean. Greece and lesser known neighbor Turkey are perennial favorites whether you choose the Cyclades, Saronic Gulf or Ionian Islands, and cruising in the southern waters can easily allow for charters in September and into early October before the weather turns too cool.

Many larger yachts will alternate spending a winter season  in Mediterranean waters with doing upgrades or yard work, which allows for early availability in March or April. Other motor and sailing yachts transit from the Caribbean in April, reaching Med waters by the middle of May as they head west to east.

Since the Mediterranean Sea is such a large area, take advantage of positioning options by booking early in the season in Spain, Balearic Islands off the coast, South of France or Corsica and Sardinia. Later in the summer season, many yachts continue to head east to southern Italy, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Whatever your desire, the Mediterranean Sea offers many places worth visiting on a charter yacht, whether you choose a mega yacht motor or sailing catamaran.

MEDITERRANEAN POWER YACHT CHARTERSMediterranean Power Yachts & Mega Yachts
The French Riviera is internationally known as the playground of the largest and most elegant of megayachts in the world. Antibes, Cannes or Monaco are lined with some of the most beautiful power yachts, tied stern to the dock. Striking a balance between privacy and being seen, this venue allows guests to indulge in water sports off the dock during the day, with a return to lovely town settings in the evening for a foray into fine dining and nightlife. From the Grand Prix in Monaco to the Cannes Film Festival, this is the place to be during the summer months .. 

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Mediterranean Sailing vessels
The French Riviera is the spot of Mega Yachts – these large sailing yachts, motor sailors and catamarans are custom designed and built to the highest standards. Cruising the Cote d’Azur is every yachtsman’s goal. From charming villages to large cities like Cannes and Antibes, your sailing adventure will leave you with wonderful memories of your European vacation. Swim, sun and relax during the day, visit historic towns with outdoor cafes in the brilliant evenings, this is the life you worked so hard to achieve. 

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