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The large island nation of Indonesia is well known to Americans as one of the places President Obama lived as a child, and also for the unique and beautiful island of Bali. However, there are thousands of miles of coastline, a great choice to exploring an area where few tourists ever visit. A yacht charter in Indonesia can satisfy those looking for beauty, surfing, scuba diving, tropical foliage, calm untouched villages, and a tradition of handicrafts that are often an expression of a very spiritual life.

Planning in advance is needed to find the right yacht for your adventure, some will travel this way to avoid the monsoons in Thailand, others are part of their world cruise. Whatever the case, take advantage of the opportunity when it arises as the fleet of yachts in this area is always changing. With a cultural mix of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists, the locals are happy to see visitors as they are not yet commonplace.

Sailing yachts and motor yachts will seem very unusual and modern to locals who speak many many different dialects. You may rely on sign language more than you think!But what a wonderful way to visit this unique part of the world that still has many areas where the native environment has been untouched for thousands of years. A yacht charter in this area means staying flexible — your day’s schedule may change, your food and drink will be based on local produce. That means fresh fare prepared by your chef, but it may not run to the French cheese and wines common to other charter locations.

Special locations like Indonesia are usually more expensive to reach and will more than likely be on yachts over 65′ (24m) because a real effort is needed to transit Asia and the Pacific. Some mega and super yachts will offer full luxury services, at a commensurate cost. Regency BVI stays on top of some of the most interesting yachts in the world as they travel and charter in unusual location like Indonesia.

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