Regency Exotic Location Yacht Charter

The world seems very large when you start to make your vacation plans! You may have a ‘bucket list’ or just want to reach a personal favorite that lies further than most folks travel, but you can escape to many exotic locations by yacht.

Whether you want to see the Arctic Circle, the Tuomotos in the Pacific, experience eternal day on the Norwegian or Russian coast, or perhaps try the Black Sea (where you can’t sink, the water is so salty!), the possibilities are legion — charter in Asia in Vietnam or Myanmar, or try adventurous sailing on Brittany’s rugged coast.

You may also have a dream to passage and make a transatlantic sail. Whatever your dream, there is probably an owner of a yacht right now making plans to move his boat to that special part of the world that few have visited.

The key to an exotic location yacht charter is flexibility and an ability to commit. Yachts make their plans in advance since they need to obtain authorizations and supplies along the way. This means that we may know about yachts that are planning to spend two months on the Pacific side of Costa Rica in the spring or are heading out on the Pacific portion of their round-the-world cruise.

The challenge in arranging these charters is grabbing the opportunity when it presents itself. Yachts in special destinations will continue to move and so timing is everything. Luxury yachts are needed and although every option is not a super or mega yacht, generally these yachts will be larger and more expensive, as they are fully fitted to handle any situation they may encounter.

To plan an exotic location yacht charter, it helps to alert us as to your desire and be clear about your parameters. We may not have a boat for your family of 6 at this moment in the Antarctic, but we may find out about one next month. So advance planning, setting a general idea of the number of people and budget is an important part of planning an charter to an exotic destination.

However, the benefit to such research is an experience that you will remember always.