Seychelles Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing in the Seychelles is easy in the typical breezes that blow 15 to 20 kts routinely. Sailing catamarans are a good choice for this island nation with lots on sandy anchorages where a shallow draft cat can come right up next to the beach. Distances are moderate, so that your vacation has time from swimming, snorkeling, exploring and relaxing — not just sailing. Catamarans will run from 45 to 80′ in size with accommodations fro groups from two to twelve.

French, English and Arabic as well as a local Creole dialect are spoken by the locals – and those cultural influences can be seen in the architecture and cuisine found ashore. From simple to sophisticated, there are many ways to enjoy your time off they yacht in the Seychelles. On board, you will find the clear warm waters are enticing from that first morning dip before breakfast to the afternoon kayak around the point to see what the fishermen are catching that day.The style of most yachts is casual and comfortable. Most yachts have all the modern amenities, and often charter with just two crew.  Large more luxurious sailing yachts (Perini Navis or Oysters) can be chartered as well.

A week long trip will let you relax and not feel pressured to keep moving every moment, although many prefer a 10 night charter to be a better choice as it can involve long flights to reach this area.

Let us know what you prefer: Catamaran, sailing monohull, sloop or ketch, even a megayacht is often found for your charter in the Seychelles.

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