Seychelles Power Yacht Charters

Located in the Indian Ocean, they Seychelles has a growing number of power yachts that travel to the area during the winter months. From large mega yachts of 40 to 60 meters to smaller super yachts, the Seychelles has numerous islands bays to explore in privacy.

For example, Prince William and his new wife Kate visited the island nation of the Seychelles for a 10-day honeymoon, according to an official statement.

A statement issued by the Seychelles government said they were honoured to have hosted the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a peaceful and private holiday (reported by the Herald Sun).

Prince William is a sailor, but the couple choose a power yacht for their first journey to the Seychelles as newlyweds. Not a super amazing mega yacht, just a nice big yacht with a cruising speed of around 25 knots ( with a max speed of 33 knots) to take them around some of the world’s most beautiful cruising grounds in the Seychelles Islands. In fact this is one of the fastest yachts in the Seychelles to easily outrun any pirates or paparazzis.

Sea Stream is a 76 foot motor yacht built at the Ferretti shipyard in Italy in 2006. She can accommodate eight guests and crew and is ideal for a couple seeking privacy, call for current rates or other yacht options.

Choices abound in the style and size  of motor yachts that are available for your charter in the Seychelles.

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