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Do you want to reward yourself for a job well done, or have the time and privacy to unwind with your family and friends? A MegaYacht charter is one way to enjoy your success in life. Large yachts, whether they are motor or sail, have grown exponentially in recent years partly due to technological innovations.

Whenever you think luxury items, mega yachts top the list. Most often custom or semi-custom builds, in some of the most prestigious shipyards that bring talented craftsmen to design innovation, the megayacht you charter will be a thing of beauty.

Lurssen, Feadship, Royal Huisman, Bennetti, Vitter,, Alloy, Proteksen Turquoise, CRN, Abeking and Rasmussen, Trinity, Westport, Oyster – these are all names of yacht builders that create megayachts that are the fulfillment of their owner’s dreams. Your advantage is having so many wonderful options of yachts and destinations for your megayachts charter.

Megayachts are yachts over 80’ length and may be as massive as the Lurssen Martha Ann with traditional European styling and elegance, or as sporty and fun as the 125’ Oyster sailing yacht Twilight. Megayachts may be classic restoration of the famous J class racing yachts like Ranger or Endeavor or sturdy explorer power yachts that

Mega yachts charter for a base rate plus all expenses in any location you can imagine in the world. Prices are designed this way because every individual client has requests that are particular. When the client is charged the cost of the item the issue is not, “what’s included” as much as “we can make this happen”. So besides the over the top design features of swimming pools, steam rooms, theaters and spas, the real specialty of megayacht charters is the ‘can do’ attitude of the crew who are determined to fulfill your every wish. Make that every legal wish!

Whatever the size of the mega yacht, there are often guest accommodations for as few as eight and seldom more than twelve. Crew ratio to guest runs from 1:1 to 2:1 so that service is the measure of a successful charter yacht. Want a champagne and dessert at 2AM after dancing in the local discotheque? Done! Want a treasure hunt for the kids with pirate costumes for the swashbucklers? Done! Need your print copy of the New York Times to read daily? Done. From the simple to the sublime, your crew responds as your personal concierge.

Destinations for megayachts run a wide range as well. Your favorite may be St. Barths during New Year week – a see and be seen location. To get on the quay in Gustavia your Captain knows that he will need to have the yacht on the dock during the lead up week – and he’ll make that happen if that is your desire. Others may decide they want to explore the less traveled road and choose to Belize for the diving or the San Blas Islands off Panama to see the still primitive Kuna Indian tribal villages.

Less often discussed is the privacy one gets on a charter yacht – non-disclosures and no photos allowed for the crew so guests feel comfortable letting loose. Anchored off during Cannes Film Festival you can sweep ashore or choose to be away from the crowd to have some personal time and an early morning swim.

This ability to have security, safety and privacy for individuals and family groups is an important reason to choose a megayacht charter as a way to vacation. A yacht is often the perfect platform to see an area with what is your own staff who are trained to minimize life’s hassle for you. Private historic tours, or hikes through vineyards, it is easy to combine a lot of fun alongside the work you need to do.

Megayacht charters tend to be seasonal as large yachts reposition around the global to take advantage of the best weather. The BVI or Leeward Islands is perfect from late December until early March when many yachts ‘cross the pond’ (the Atlantic Ocean) to reach the Western Mediterranean by late May. There can be a number of special opportunities in locations like Scandinavia, Alaska & Pacific Northwest or even Antarctica!
Rates for megayachts vary depending on the size of yacht, age of yacht and number of crew. These factors matter more than the number of guests a yacht can accommodate. The BVI can be one of the best values during the winter months with yachts ranging from $50,000 to $110,000 per week plus expenses at about 100 to 120’, then jump to a mid-range of $150,000 to $250,000 for yachts that are 150 to 180’. Larger tri-deck megayachts or bigger will be priced higher, at between $325 to $500,000 per week plus all running expenses.

Running expenses on a mega yacht are called the APA which is short for Advanced Provisioning Allowance. These are estimated based on the specific yacht (a high speed planing hull will burn more fuel and cost more to operate than a full displacement yacht), the area of charter (the Mediterranean is a more expensive area than the Caribbean) and the charter requirements. Charter requirements can be simple, such as flying in fresh Maine lobster rather than eating spiny Caribbean lobster, or more expensive such as new mattresses for the guest beds so that no one else has ever slept on them.

As a charter client there are some items that are fixed – fuel is a must for the generators to run, but costs can be kept manageable depending on your preferences – a slip on the dock during the Monaco Grand Prix is very expensive but when traveling in the Caribbean you generally anchor out.

Whichever destination or design you choose for your megayacht charter, know that the experience will be enjoyable, memorable and restorative – which is what makes life worth living after all!

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