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Regency Yacht Vacations calls the BVI home but many of our yachts travel to different areas which includes the Mediterranean Sea. The range of options for a Mediterranean yacht charter is amazing, from quiet scenic spots along the Croatian coast, to the high end haunts of the rich and famous in Monaco in the south of France.
Let the Regency charter consultants help you narrow down this massive area into the perfect spot into a manageable itinerary that will take you to new places and lure you to return on a yacht over and over again.

Spain and their offshore Balearic Islands has a diverse coastline with rocky shores, sandy beaches. On a mega yacht you can travel the longer distances of the itineraries around the artistic city of Barcelona. Barcelona is a gorgeous port city with lovely marina facilities, a historic district designed for strolling where art galleries abound. Sophisticated dining ashore makes this a chic destination for your yacht charter.
Or take the quick flight across to Mallorca, long a favorite of visitors from colder climates. Anchor off sandy beaches with their seaside restaurants, sail from Palma to Formetera, Ibiza, or Minorca depending on how the wind blows. There are numerous coves, unreachable by car, that are perfect for a swim, paddle or jet ski. Dance the night away in one of the many clubs in Palma on Mallorca that stay open until first light, then jump over the side of your sailing yacht to clear the cobwebs as you settle into your first espresso of the day.

South of France and on to Corsica or Monaco for cruising along from charming French villages to the sophistication of Nice, Antibes and Monte Carlo. With small islets dotting the cost, one can spend the day enjoying water sports and the evenings tied to the waterfront where you can see and be seen as you stroll amongst the cafes and bars or enjoy a night gambling at the luxurious casinos in Monte Carlo. Travel a few hours offshore and visit Corsica which looks as it did when Napoleon lived.
The Ligurian coast of northern Italy runs from San Remo down to through Cinque Terre, five country towns that can only be reached by a footpath or the sea, then down to Portofino ending outside of Rome. This is an excellent power yacht itinerary well suited for these with varied interests. The history of city states is easily seen from the deck of your yacht as you sail this rugged coastline. Take a big jump offshore to Sardinia which hovers from the middle of Italy down towards Africa.
Try further south in Italy for the Amalfi coast, the towns of Positano and Sorrento (outside of Naples), and nearby island of Capri or set sail south for the Aeolian Islands which are nature preserves, well known for their clear waters and calm anchorages. Megayachts are popular in this area but by breaking up your trip into smaller segments the sailing is spectacular with many options for dramatic anchorages. Newer to Mediterranean yacht charters are the sailing catamarans that are now large enough, stable and luxurious to make them an obvious choice.
Heading further east into the Adriatic Sea, the latest hot spot for charter yachts is Croatia. With numerous itinerary options, you may want to experience the historical elegance of Venice on the northwest coast of Italy and travel coast-wise into northern Croatia. This itinerary will have you traveling from the culturally unique city waterways to the dramatic scenery of the pristine Croatian shoreline.
Alternatively, you may choose to board your motor yacht or sailing gulet in Montenegro just south of the Croatian border. This duty free spot is popular with clients and yachtsmen. Sail north into Croatia to visit the small islands that are part the national park and zig zag back to the mainland to experience the snug harbors and walled towns. Or make your way to the larger towns of Split or Dubrovnik. Excellent food and local wines are just a stroll away from your yacht tied up to the city wharfs.

The Eastern Mediterranean continues with one of the most popular charter destinations in the world, Greece and the Greek Islands. Charter clients love the combination of history, culture and natural beauty that is found in Greece. From mega yachts to sporty sailing catamarans, Greece has yachts available in every size and price point. And Greek crew know their country intimately and love nothing more than being able to share their knowledge with guests. So make your wish list for a custom itinerary to visit this special area: Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Poros, or Skopelos where Mama Mia was filmed. Just remember that with over 300 islands you will have to return again and again to see all Greece has to offer.
We wouldn’t want to leave out another spectacular part of the Eastern Med yacht charter – Turkey. A country at the crossroad of Europe and Asia, this seat of the Ottoman Empire has crystal clear waters and natural safe harbors, a tradition of ship building and skilled craftsmen. Sailing gulets are a modern version of sailing cargo ships of old. Crafted of wood with hand carving and attention to detail, the Turkish gulets are a terrific charter option with spacious cabins and modern amenities. Turkish crew are professional and often speak several languages, quiet, efficient service with a smile is what you will find aboard your charter yacht. Turkish shipyards are becoming world known for their elegant motor yachts from 70 to 250’ – the perfect way to cruise far and wide from early spring to late fall.

The Turkish people are warm and friendly, and encourage visitors to experience local traditions like a visit to the spice market, or a trip to the hamman (bath house). The southern coast is lovely, Marmaris and Bodrum are lovely jumping off points for cruising the coast. Istanbul is a hub for shipping in and out of the Black Sea, but it is also easy to sail between Greece and Turkey from a number of places along the coast.

Whatever your interests, there is an itinerary sure to please in either the Eastern or Western Mediterranean. Call us 800-524-7676 to design your custom charter itinerary.


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